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Unique Peach Shape and High Ceiling Space

Curve tent’s clear-span design allows for maximum 100% use of the interior space. The curved roof beam makes the tent can withstand more heavy snow, wind, and rain loads of 120 KM/h wind speed and 0.4KN/M2 snow loading.

It is widely used for exhibition hall, stadium hall, various sports courts, big event hall, party, and weddings.

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  • Unique peach shape and high ceiling space
  • Better wind load: 100km/h to 120km/h, snow load: 75kg/sqm
Model Span Width Eave Height Ridge Height Bay Distance Main Profile

TFS Curve Tent JCBT Series
JCBT Series
12m 3.87m 6.93m 5m Aluminium Alloy
15m 3.87m 8m 5m
20m 3.87m 8.8m 5m
25m 3.87m 9.9m 5m
TFS Curve Tent JCEBT Series
JCEBT Series
15m 3.89m 7.8m 5m Aluminium Alloy
20m 3.89m 8.9m 5m
25m 3.89m 10m 5m
30m 3.89m 11.2m 5m
40m 3.89m 13.5m 5m


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