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Multi-function Clear Span Two Story Structure

Inflatable Cube Tent are perfect for creative indoor or outdoor structures. The cube’s clean and simple design is attractive and effective to apply branding on the large flat sides. Clear span design let the inflatable cube tent has the maximum usable space inside. The inflatable roof system provides heat isolation to achieve the thermostatic effect. Usually, the roof is flat with a 7-degree roof pitch.

Cube tent with an inflatable roof is popularly used as temporary or permanent structures for a trade show, auto show, restaurant, roadshow, brand launching, events, and so on. We provide the inflatable cube tent with a span width from 10m to 30m and also provide customized service to meet your need.

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Model Span Width Eave Height Ridge Height Bay Distance Main Profile
Inflatable Cube Tent
10m 5m 5.58m 5m Aluminium Alloy
12m 5m 5.89m 5m Aluminium Alloy
15m 5m 6.2m 5m
18m 5m 6.5m 5m
20m 5m 6.8m 5m
25m 5m 6.8m 5m
30m 5m 6.8m 5m Aluminium Alloy


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