Arc Roof Clear Span Tent for Multi-purpose

Arcum tent is an optimized tent structure system with modern curved roof design. Arcum structure tent offers a unique, high-end, contemporary and eye-catching look and will be an elegant and unique tenting solution for the festival, sports stadium, trade show, exhibition, party, event, press conference, warehouse, logistic storage, etc.
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Our arcum tent is an aluminum profile structure with a steel connection part. And the arcum structure is available in single and double-decker models that can be configured with glass walls, hard walls, and glass doors on both levels. We provide various widths of arcum tent and you can customize the width either. With options for interior and exterior balconies, stairs, and a variety of other enhancements, the arcum structure tent creates a custom, functional, and versatile event venue.


Model Span Width Eave Height Ridge Height Bay Distance Main Profile
Arcum Tent - JDBT Series
JDBT Series
10m 3.88m 4.94m 5m Aluminium Alloy
15m 3.88m 5.73m 5m
20m 3.88m 6.53m 5m
25m 3.88m 7.33m 5m
Arcum Tent - JAEBT Series
JAEBT Series
15m 3.92m 5.55m 5m Aluminium Alloy
20m 3.92m 6.33m 5m
25m 3.92m 7.15m 5m
30m 3.92m 7.87m 5m
Arcum Tent - JATH Series
JATH Series
15m 3.92m 5.3m 5m Aluminium Alloy
20m 3.92m 6.3m 5m
25m 3.92m 7.15m 5m
30m 3.92m 7.87m 5m
40m 3.92m 9.6m 5m