Beautiful and fantastic wedding tent for you

Wedding tents give you the best of both worlds: they offer the beauty of outdoor weddings, as well as shelter in case of strong sunlight or the occasional rainfall.

Jumei provide wedding tents of various sizes, with spans width ranging from 3m to 30m, and the height and length can be customized according to your needs. There are two bay distances (the unit length) for our wedding tents: 3m and 5m. You can combine any number of length units as needed to build a wedding tent of the length you want.

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Our wedding tents are classified into two categories according to their size: Large wedding tents and Small wedding tents(including the mini wedding tents).

  • Large wedding tents: Span width is from 8m to 30m, bay distance is 5m.
  • Small wedding tents: Span width is from 3m to 12m, bay distance is 3m.

You can check the specific dimensions and parameters of our wedding tent below.

Our wedding tents can be set up in various groundings like concrete, lawns, beaches, and soil earth. Because it is clearspan, the flexibility of the interior setting and decoration is also greater. The top color of the tent can be white, clear, or custom color and graphics as your needs.

Featured Wedding Tents

Big Wedding Tent

JET SeriesSpan WidthEave HeightRidge HeightBay DistanceMain Profile
Event Tent8m3.3m4.53m5mAluminium Alloy

Many of our tents also can be used for wedding including clear span tents( event tents, party tents, mini party tents ), pagoda tents, high peak mixed tents, geodesic dome tent, arcum tent and so on. And you can also check our projects and solutions of wedding tents for more stylish choice.

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